How to tame our mind : teaching from Guru Rinpoche to Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal

An extract of a teaching from this particular terma treasure called Cycle of Teachings Through Questions and Answers:

Master Padma: When practicing the Dharma, you must first tame your own mind.
Lady Yeshe Tsogyal: What does that mean?
Master Padma:
You must extinguish the scorching flames of anger with the water of loving-kindness.
You must cross the river of desire on the bridge of powerful remedies.
You must light the torch of discriminating knowledge in the darkness of stupidity.
You must crumble the mountain of pride to the ground with the pestle of diligence.
You must overcome the storm of envy by wearing the warm garment of patience.

In any case, these five poisons, your old archenemies, will ruin your being in the three realms of samsara if you uninhibitedly indulge in them. Do not let them run wild. There is a danger in that.


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