Deceptive mind

I witnessed the deceptive minds of mine and others
My mind and heart was crashed into pieces
Alike the storms and earthquakes
The sound of screaming, pains of being hurt
The stage of mind in great insanity

The deceptive mind led me to insanity
Insanity of making illusion as real existence
The deceptive of inner mind
The deceptive of outer mind

The dream of inner mind
Brought me to this insanity
Brought me and all sentient beings to insanity

We deceive ourselves the justice is there
We deceive ourselves the power will be permanent
We deceive ourselves there is right and wrong, bad and good, happiness and sadness, hate and love
We deceive ourselves there are true friends and enemies
We deceive ourselves that only revolution is the answer
We deceive ourselves that revenge is the only answer to eliminate injustice
We deceive ourselves that some bloods are more precious than others, hence we can be insane

Master! Bless me the supreme compassion!
May my insanity and all sentient beings mind
Able to liberate from all deceptions of our minds!

May our minds are able to return to its original home
Enable to liberate from craving to all these deceptive beliefs


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