The precious love of kindness

This is the 21 years anniversary of my father passing away. Yet, the memory of him has been vividly alive in my memory till today. Especially on his attitude towards his partner and also the daughters.

My father was born in a well educated family in Hainam Island in the year 1920 . He was educated in the university and yet unable to finish it due to the political turmoil in the mainland China.
Leaving to Malaysia with the hope to start a new life.

In the period of life alike an exile and living in the alien land. He met his second wife which was my mother. A working class woman who was a mid wife. She was a tough woman who had to carry all the burden of the family and siblings needs since she was young. Her toughness in coping with life had brought to her ill health and also rather tough temper. Yet, she has an very unique quality that was told by my father. My mother was a very kind person.

Her kindness to him, a man who lived in exile from his own mother land of China. She gave him the refuge home of love.
Her love to him that brought her to carry all his burden in the family life

This is what my father told me that why he married our mother who seems to be not match to his intellectuality , gentleness and social strata.
He told me: “Don’t you know your mother had the most beautiful thing within her. Her kindness is the most precious and beautiful one:.”

It was true. our late mother. a mid wife who had to work very hard for many women for their safe delivery of babies in the hospital. To host and support them when some of the women and babies were born and abandoned by their partners. We were asked to collect all necessities for these women who needed help. These were the life routine for us at home when we were young.

This is the most beautiful teaching that our father had taught us: to value your love one with her kindness and to treat them with same kindness and appreciation. These inherent qualities and values of love which brought them to live together till their passing away. ,They remained together whether it was a in good or bad times of their life.

The love of kindness was such as precious element in their love and life.


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