preciuos gift to your love one

>What is love?

Love in a micro level of between friendships, lover, spouses
Love in a macro level – the expression of love towards the causes of society
Love in unlimited/borderless/impartial- the expression of love that has no self, has no hope for return, as it is expression of love that with no expectation, no attachment, no fears and sufferings

One of my Buddhist teacher taught in his teaching,:
“if love is base on desires of need and attraction, it is a selfish love,. In real you love yourselves above others.
:If love is base on care, concern and respect – you will put others above you,”

So when someone asked me:
“Buddha Shakyamuni was selfish, he left his wife and son. He was not a responsible man and husband.”

Buddha had left his wealth, fame, power and beloved one to search the ultimate truth.
He live his life like a traveler and nomad , no any security in wealth,home and comfort.
He walked across so many darkness forest, mountains and kept himself in solitude, silence on search of truth

Why he had to do so?
If he was not truly serious and felt truly affectionate on scene he had witness outside his wonderful palace. He saw the poor, sick, old age and death.
If these had not truly touched his soft heat, will he left his wealth power and love one?
If he attach to his power, desires, wealth, fame and name. He will stay in palace continue to live in luxurious life and chasing/cling to his endless desires on this world.

If Buddha was cruel heartless man.
He will not return to his wife to bring her the most precious love of him to her again
It is the gift of dharma that he gave her
She was deeply suffered as any sentient beings – attachments
Buddha brought her into the path that she can find the inner liberation of her soul and mind
She no need a man or husband to cheer her r and make her feel as dignity human

In an ancient feudal society, a woman has no value, unless to be love by man.
This gift of self-dignity is never ever able given to her by a merely conventional love between a man and woman.
Especially love that expect to possess another person and wants/expectation.
For women living in a feudal patriarchal system
The best liberation is not to marry a man or find a wealthy man secure their life

It is the equal dignity that they are looking for
The love that respect, care and concern them as another equal human being
The love that can lead them to inner liberation from roots of sufferings.

This is not an old ancient story between Buddha and his wife
It is still remain true till today
When we witness the sufferings of women enduring in a modern look societym yet still rule by the patriarchal logic
You will wonder that what love means in this modern society?


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