Turning karmic past into the path of full liberation

In the darkness of late night…
I saw you came in front of my home
Seriously injure and fell on ground with no consciousness

Due to the deep sympathy
I had took you to safe refuge

A journey of a person who had to escape from something
The journey of saving his life…
The end we were departed again….in a long train journey………

This journey brought us to a meeting point of the past lifetime.

This life, the same journey began and repeated
No matter we believe or not
The same cycle of encounter repeated

Recalled the reminders of our teachers and Buddha
This life, I resolute to turn this karmic encounter and connection
To be the wisdom gaining material
To the material for gaining the great wisdom realization and full liberation
Fully liberated from the enslavement of the past karmic circle
Circle of confusion, clinging and sufferings

Turn the mind and path to dharma
Turn all the current encounters and connections towards the dharmic way
Turn the heart towards the impartial compassion and self less love
Turn the diluted mind towards the vase wisdom mind

May the blessing of our teachers and past lineage masters
Guide me in this path
To lead me towards full liberation
So I am able to lead other sentient beings to the full realization of Buddha hood
May our mind return to our inner refuge home….


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