Call Upon International Community for Oppose violations to citizen’s rights and freedom of throught by the uses of “lese majeste” law (With the latest case of the arrest of Mr. Somyot Preuksakasemsuk)


Dear all

Here is the online petition for anyone who support the basic human rights of freedom of expression and thoughts. The Session 112 or Lese Majeste Law has been used against these basic human rights in Thailand.

This LWL had been used also towards many dissidents and being used for political tool to suppress the democracy movement in Thailand now.

There are many pro democracy struggle activists ranging from Red shirts UDD leaders, academic, journalists, activists and common civilians are being charged, arrested and in prisons by this LML/ Article 112 of the Criminal Code / The law allow for at least 3 years to 15 years imprisonment and the trial is being con ducted as close door.

Besides, this law by itself has many vague clauses that allow for misued by power to be to suppress any dissecting g voices.

As what Somyot mentioned in his letter from prison, 2 May 2011:

“The content of Section 112 is vague and contains gaps that have been exploited by corrupt people to suppress others. In a society on the verge of conflict, my arrest this time is tantamount to placing the monarchy in direct confrontation with the people.

Previously, several core leaders of the Red Shirts were accused of committing lèse majesté, and community radio stations have been shut down and websites blocked to prevent people from getting information. It has culminated in getting me arrested and this unjust legal action that ensues.

Thus, I am just a victim of abuse of the law, a victim in a political game in the fierce battle between the democratic movement and the dictatorship which may come through elections.”

    The latest victim of this dacronian law is Somyos Preuksakasemsuk

– long time labour activist , pro democracy activist, independent journalist who struggle for guinea democracy and human rights in Thailand.

Read here:

Letter from Prison: : omyot Prueksakasemsuk’ s full note/letter from prison, 2 May 2011 ,Bangkok,Thailand

Information about his arrest:
“Without freedom, humans are not human- I shall fight for freedom until my last breath”- Somyot Pruksakasemsuk from Holding cell, Crime Suppression Division, Bangkok 8.30 am, May 2, 2011

Proposed amendments to the law on defamation of the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent and the Regent

Please lend your support to sign this online petition and forward to others in order in solidarity for the call of defending human rights and democracy in Thailand. Your strong support will help to end this violation and also eventually the release of all these victims- the political prisoners in Thailand.

Sign here:


4 Responses to “Call Upon International Community for Oppose violations to citizen’s rights and freedom of throught by the uses of “lese majeste” law (With the latest case of the arrest of Mr. Somyot Preuksakasemsuk)”

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    […] You can sign the petition online following the link. […]

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    […] Vous pouvez signer la pétition en ligne en cliquant sur ce lien […]

  3. Marc I. Wenzel Says:

    Democracy and human rights for the Thai people.

  4. bienvenu colette Says:


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