Reclaiming the Absence of the Fair Share and Justice: : Key forces of advancing democracy struggle in Thailand.

Source of photo: Giles Ji Ungpakopr’s fabe book photo album

Source of photo: Giles Ji Ungpakopr’s fabe book photo album

Climate of “WAR” Zone
As the election is supposed to be happening in June 2011.
It seems there are increasing crisis inside Thailand:

1. The increasing use of the Lese Majeste Law against the pro democracy movement and intellectuals

2. The in creasing crash of Thai Military and Cambodia military in the northeastern border

3. The increasing mobilization of the military coup in performing their military rehearsal and weapon to show their royalty to the current institutions

4. The increasing of the anti election and ultra royalist yellow shirts in calling boycott election and also threatening others with Lese Majeste law

5. Increasing of social engineering of creating mass fears in the coming back of coup and arrest or use of Lese Majeste law to suppress anyone who speak about the relationship of the military, the current regime and the monarchy institution

6. The implement /retain of security law to curb peaceful assembly and gathering in the key rally locations in Bangkok areas.

7. The mobilizations of all civilians forces, ranging from -yellow shirts, red shirts and state agencies etc all are increasing

With all these trends, you will wonder this country is going towards a peaceful , free and fair national election? The possibility of reconciliation? The improvement of state of human rights and democracy?

All these seems to be a BIG QUESTION MARK for many of us who closely watch on the situation inside Thailand..

This climate seems to make/prepare for another WAR zone like atmosphere and creating hostility within each other in the society.

Perhaps the master mind of psychology warfare is aiming to increase the climate of the anger, hatred, hostile, mistrust and revolt.

Why a country which had faced years of conflict, the climate of national election is being engineering towards such atmosphere? What is the real intention?

Therefore, we urge you to take very close watch on the situation, as we know that if there is another crackdown/bloodshed/ is going to happen. It will be definitely the returning of another coup run country – alike before year 1992 in Thailand.

From the past political history and track record of these military forces and its allies, It is something not impossible to repeat .

As the military forces is still the key dominance power forces in this country with the back up of the monarchy , political elites and bureaucrats who don’t wish their system to be collapsed

Underlying root causes of discontent

In the same time, there are increasing awareness of the majority poor rural and urban working class, new generation of young people, intellectual, active conscience civilians who are taking part actively in voicing out their demands for true democracy and social justice to be in place in this country. These had caused tremendous fears on these old forces who now realized their old rhetoric of “Nationalism Religion and Monarchy” is starting to fade away.

The new people movement version of slogan call upon: “Freedom, People democracy, Justice, Equal opportunity ” has indeed frightened these elites. The voices of the masses reclaiming their rights of equal opportunity to share the cake of the nation is increasing.

This is a big leap in the democracy in Thailand today.We witness the birth of the class consciousness within this society, especially the common people and the poor.

This awareness will be important as democracy struggle and movement need to be really relevance to the real needs of the common civilians, especially the majority poor in this nation.. How would democracy able to be relevance to their real issues facing in their life.

As international community, we need to watch closely and realize that the struggle of masses are rooted into a strong aspiration of calling for justice, social justice that has been, missing in their life for centuries long..
Here you can see the current world bank report show that Thailand, one of Asia’s most unequal countries, the ratio is 15:1.. Read more:

Therefore, it is an illusion perception to regards the red shirt masses are all “buffalo” (this is a insult language that is used by the elites who they regards their up country men/women.) that are being paid by Thaksin or blindly
participated in the mass struggle for democracy. These people are awakening from their roots of poverty and starting to reclaim their fair share in this society , This is the real reason that making up the resistance forces and its frightening those elites and power to be.

Just like the famous slogan of revolution of the oppresses class:
“ We have nothing to loss. As we have own nothing”

Source of photo: Giles Ji Ungpakopr’s fabe book photo album

Source of photo: Giles Ji Ungpakopr’s fabe book photo album


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