Cry for justice, freedom and love : In memory of the April-May 2010–Massacre in Bangkok, Thailand

I heard you were screaming,,,
You were crawling on the street…
Your body was filled with blood….

Pains were so unbearable…
How could we use any words to describe the pains?
It was deep inside the heart ,
Inside the blood…..

I heard again you were screaming
Calling for justice and freedom for your beloved nation…
I saw your tears
Tears and blood melted together….

This is the beloved homeland
The mother land that has nurture you
The mother land that belongs to freedom

Yet, the freedom is in imprisonment now
The people are being jailed
Bodies of patriots were spread all over the street…….

I heard you were crying….
Cry for freedom and justice
Cry for true love for this nation…..

I know…
The cry for justice, freedom and love for this land and its people will never stop
It will continue generation to generation
Till the land and its people are truly being freed

Trinley Chodron
7 April 2011

Pls: This poem is dedicated to those democratic patriots who are being in jailed, in exile and also being massacred in the last April-May 2010 massacre in Bangkok, Thailand..
My Deepest solute to them.

May those who have lost in their paths are able to awake from their ignorance
Those who misused of Buddha dharma for suppressing its people and power. May their minds are returning to the Buddhadharma
a .

A couple came on stage, holding images up of their dead son – Terdsak Kungjinjan – who was killed at Kor Hua on 10 April last year-Source:


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