Liberate from fears and sufferings

Tibet (Photo  source:  Tan Yoon Heng)

Tibet (Photo source: Tan Yoon Heng)

Lately i posted sentences from a Tibetan refugee friend in my face book.

I again recalled about him and words he told me when we met in Katmandu.
2 Dec 2006 was the time we met and i was visited the crowded Tibetan refugee reception center in KTM to interview them.

Whenever i am having pains or feeling sufferings.
I will recall his word.. even though he was only 21 years old..
Too young indeed to endure these pains.
Also recalled the scene of those refugees lying on the bed and floor at the center.

They had taught me deeply about the meanings of sufferings and overcome fears and sufferings.

If you feel that life is such uncertain and painful of going through some unbearable hardship.

Please read these comments from my other friends who posted their comments on my face book.

I like the both responses of my another friends : Bern and Yen Chu.
Read Here:

View from my Tibetan refugee friend:
My Tibetan refugee friend told: I am born to be tough and endured all hardship.

we walked across the Himalayan mountain to across to Nepal
for saving life.

Many were unable make it, dead during the journey or fell ill after arrived.

What else i will afraid anymore after able to walk across the death and alive along the escape journey!

Nothing will fear me anymore!

View from Bern 菜头
A good friend who was once imprisoned under Pol Pot’s regime
told me, she once lived in fear under the muzzle of Pol Pot;

but then decided that she wanted to look into the eyes of whoever that wasgoing pull the trigger.

She has not fear de…ath ever since she madethat decision.

Face our fear is what I have learnt from her.

View from Yen Chu:
Consider thinking this way.

Whatever hardships I am encountering noware the training given by our Master, who have chosen me but not the others, because he think I am the one who is worthy enough to receive
the training and becoming another. teacher to help the others, who will be going through the same hardships like I do.


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