Victim /ex political prisoner of Lese Majesty Charge in Thailand, Suwicha Thakor turned to monkhood


Suwicha Thakor ordained, 11 July  2010 -source:

Suwicha Thakor ordained, 11 July 2010 -source:

Since the military back government in controlling the political landscape of Thailand from year 2006. There are series of measures in tightening the freedom of expression in order to silence the conscious citizens to voices their views and also suppressing any dissidents’ opinions.

The enactment and enforcement of the Computer Crime Acts and Lese Majesty charges   are widely used to silence and imprisoned any dissenting voices towards the current ruling regime, military and monarchy institution.

Why i chose to be ordanained?

One of the latest released blogger, Suwicha Thakor  who was charged  and sentenced under Lese Majesty for 10 years imprisonment since  3rd  April 2009.. He was later being granted royal pardon from the king last July 2010.

Soon, he released from prison, he   decided to take the novice vows and ordained as monk on the 11 July 2010

 He told the independent news online, Prachathai , “ . he would not talk about worldly matters ‘or the reasons which are already known.’

 He has make the vow to be a monk if a day he is being realesed.

He also sited that now he has the task of a Buddhist of disseminating Dharma which is the way to be free from suffering, and to help others to be free from suffering is a great merit.

Also, regarding the innocent people who had suffered from recent events.  He said that they should turn to dharma.

If we read the letter and news about his life inside prison since last year till he  ordained as monk. We can deeply felt and understood why he had make such decision and claimed that turn the mind to dharma is the only way to relief the sufferings of the sentient beings.

He and his family members has been endured  deepest  sufferings, while he was imprisonment.  The only way he could deal with the deep sufferings was to  turn his mind to dharma and practice meditation  inside the prison.

 Maybe dharma had healed his inner deep sufferings and mind.


Suwicha Thakor ordained, 11 July  2010 -source:

Suwicha Thakor ordained, 11 July 2010 -source:

Rullers have lost their minds on Buddha-dharma:

Somehow, it is ironic that it is also reflect that those  in power and lost their Sila  (moral) in buddhist teachings in Thailand, their minds have not turned to dharma.

Instead, those who had became the victims due to the  those in power – whose minds are inflicted and craving to power had to endure the sufferinngs and  the uncertainty of life.

It is also sadden to see that Thailand is one of the oldest country that has been embraced Buddha dharma teachngs.

However, the dharma teachings has not indeed maniesfted in the society, especially the rulling power and those elites who control the social orders.

Compare to past centuries, Kingdom and rulers who turned their minds and path to strictly follow the dharma had been always brought great fortune not only to the nation and people under their governance. It was not the kind of material constructions that we are referring to. But they had brought inner mind transformation of themselves and people into wisdom and deep compassion. These minds awakening which are seriously lacking in this century that has caused so much disasters- be ecology or human society disasters. The diluted minds of  craving for  unlimited desires, ego and power clinging and negatives emotions all manifested in all the conflicts and disparities that are happening now  in the human society.

Maybe, we are indeed lacking of dharma king or rullers in this century  who are truly embrace and practicised dharma. 

We tended to blame the karma deeds of those who are victimised and asked them to realise their bad deeds in past life times and turn to dharma. Ironically, the rullers, those who rule the life of others , they have not being summoned  to be returned to true buddha dharma teaching and practices.

In another hand,  Thai society had lost  their best spiritual master. alike  the late Achan Buddhasa , who was always able to bring charma in real sense to cure the sufferngs of people in Thailand.

Even though,  he was  regarded as the  kind of “outcasted”  by other sangha  members who  are under the state control.


May revival of  buddha dharma and great spiritual masters returning to Thailand:

Hopefully, the young generation alike Suwicha Thakor who is now walking on the path of  buddha dharma and aims to relief the sufferiing of all sentient binges.  One day, he and his companions will be able to bring the true dharma return to Thailand.

 There will be more spiritual leaders emerged alike the late archan Buddhasa who had broughth the truth light of Buddha activities back to this country in the last century.

 In the same times, may those  rulers and elites whos have lost their minds on dharma, we will pray for them, one day they come back and walk the same  buddha-dharma path.

May all of us, all sentient beings, and our minds turn to dharma? Dharma to be our path, clear all the confusion and obscuration. May wisdom arise, free us from dualistic mind and ignorance.Finally we all together realise the true nature of our unborn natural mind.

News about Suwicha Thakor:

 Blogger’s letter from prison,36140

Suvicha Thakor ordained

Code from Suvichai:

“Suwicha Thakor’s life after sentencing”

Times New Roman’; mso-ansi-language: EN-GB” lang=EN-GB>‘Now I’m trying to turn to Dharma, particularly the 3 characteristics of all things, Anicca (impermanence), Dukkha (suffering), and Anatta (illusion of self).  I’ve been trying to seek freedom like a fish stuck in a net; the more you struggle, the tighter it gets.  Looking around, I see other convicts still smile, laugh and make jokes among themselves.  But I feel tortured.  My wife cries.  I don’t know how my children are living.  I cry each time I think of them.  I feel sorry   for my youngest child who has yet to learn about this because his mother has not told him, sparing him the pain that his brother and sister have felt.’


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Remember my friend Nui, we should always help other people if we can. Those who need your help depend on you. Maybe one day I will need your help. It is good to see you so strong. I am so proud and happy for you. It’s a new beginning for you and your family. Stay strong.

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