Both of you
Again came to me
After long times we had departed…..

Almost 20 years …
We were seperated from each other
Living in different worlds

This time
Both of you
Sent me a big warm smiles
Waved at me
And , again departed to another path

Tears of joice
Deepest feeling of happiness
Arose within me…..

I knew that
Both of you are going to another good path

I promise
I will live my life in fullness
Deepest thanks for you both
Brought me to this preciuos human life

May you both can soon
Attain enligthement…

20 August 2010
ps: this poem dedicate to my parent who had passed away 20 years ago.
My deepest love and blessings to their next destiny.


One Response to “Farewell…….”

  1. susan Says:

    it’s nice that they appeared to you in dreams. And i’, sure with your prayers they will be enlightened soon…

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