Zambala – The blessing of deity of wealth – Cultivate the Wealth of MIND WISDOM !

Zambala – The blessing of deity of wealth – Cultivate the Wealth of MIND WISDOM !(Teaching of H.E. The 10th Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche, 11 April 2009,KL)
The H.E. The 10th Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche

Yesterday a thought arose in my mind very strongly. A voice kept telling me the important of remaining pure in our mind and heart. The impure mind and heart had caused tremendous problems to the world and humanity crisis surrounding the world now. Eventually, I wrote these thoughts into my poem, Title: Pure Heart.

The next day, my heart is still in wondering whether I should attend the Zambala puja and blessing that will be conducted by the H.E Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche came from Benchen Monestry, Katmandu, Nepal.. The 1st Sangye Nyenpa was the root Guru of Mikye Dorje (8th H.H. Karmapa). The Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoches are great meditators Mahasiddhas. The present 10th Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche was born in Taktsang, Guru Rinpoche’s temple, Paro, Bhutan. He was invited to Rumtek Monastery where he was enthroned by H.H. 16th Karmapa. At the age of 5, he started his studies, writing and reading as well as the outer & inner sciences replying on H.H. 16th Karmapa, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche – his root Guru .

I was actually for sometime had been reading the H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s written poems and commentaries, even I had never able to meet him before he passed away in the 90. One of the great action that he and other high lama had done in Tibet was the exemplary exponent of Tibet’s Rimé, or non-sectarian, movement.

When I realized the connection of the H.E. The 10th Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche with H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Eventually, I decided to attend the puja, and blessing ceremony , thinking of making aspirations of economic crisis can be overcome and poor people can be relief from the sufferings.

Honestly speaking, I and my friends eventually attended the ceremony thinking that this will be another Zambala Puja and blessings that we used to attend. Calling for economic crisis to be overcome and people will have abundance wealth,

I was WRONG indeed. Somehow, it eventually turned out to be a great happiness and surprise for me to attend this ceremony.

This great learned Rinpoche who had been well trained in both Buddhist philosophy & rituals had given this Zambala puja/blessing ceremony a very good start and reminder to all of us who may attend for seeking solution to their own material wealth problem.

Instead of talking about material wealth.

He had pointed out the root causes that causing the humanity crisis and the economy crisis in the world we are living now.

After hearing his teachings, I realized that what he had taught today was the same with the poem I wrote yesterday, title “Pure Heart”.

Amazing indeed. Maybe this was why I eventually came and able to meet this Rinpoche for the first time. Wishing again I can receive the teaching from him again one day.

Here ,I had taken some of the key points of his teaching tonight, I wish his words of wisdom can be shared and also the blessings of Zambala can go to everyone who may not able to come and listen. And, especially to those people in power and high position, may their inner mind wisdom arise and able to bring real benefits to all the sentient beings and not causing sufferings to others, due to their ego, selfishness and negative thoughts/emotions. May the blessing I received today dedicate to these people.



The summary of the Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche teaching on Zambala blessing :The key root cause of the world economy crisis that we are facing today actually due to the ego, negatives emotions and selfness of the human beings. All caused by our impure mind and heart.




It is important for us to create boddhicita heart and correct intention in order that we are truly able to connect to the blessing of Zambala. ( The  Deity of Wealth ) through this Zambala Puja .

Especially in this age of humanity crisis, the Zambala blessings will help us to cultivate the wealth of wisdom mind that is able to resolve the humanity problems


Actually the great blessings from the Zambala/deity of wealth and abundance is not for the gain of material wealth. But it is aiming to increase/cultivate the wealth of wisdom within our mind.

Even we want to make material wealth, we also need wisdom to cultivate it.
Even if you are not Buddhist or atheist, but you always engage wisdom in other ways, cultivate your mind wisdom for other well beings. The same blessings of Zambala will come to you. 

The crisis we face in this modern age now, such as mental disorder, all negative incidences infect is caused by our negative thoughts. If we can try to overcome these negative thoughts, all these negative emotions will be resolved eventually.

Therefore, the negative actions, emotions are caused by the negative mind/thought of one inner self . The impure one. Therefore, in order to resolve the humanity crisis in the world now, it is important that we ourselves can have the correct intention to examine our own self and change our inner self. Instead of blaming others, we should examine our own mind and attitude.

Only with this correct intention and action, we can connect to the blessing of Zambala- the cultivation of the wealth of wisdom will be growing within us.

Secondly, we always can notice most people always feel resentment in their heart. Never satisfy and happy. Actually, the key reason that cause the great resentment was due to our wrong attitude of having high expectation. Whenever we had done little things, we expect the high returns. The truth is that we are not a perfect being, same for others.

Instead of blaming others, we should examine ourselves. We should always to be the “witness” to ourselves. To always examine our own mind and emotions. This individual attitude change will eventually make the huge difference in us

Therefore, it is very important that in order to be able to receive any blessing from Zambala, we should come with correct intention. The correct intention of bringing wealth to others and all sentient beings. Only with this type of correct and compassionate motivation that always keep in our life, then only we can really connected to the blessing of Zambala. Even we are not asking for any material wealth, it will come to us.
In conclusion, the sincere intention of wishing the growing of wealth in order to relief others from sufferings is the key one. 


Note taken on the 11 April 2009, 8-10 pm. At the Ihaus/MunchHaus Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur.

More detaiil about the H.E. The 10th Sange Nyenpa Rinpoche:            














9 Responses to “Zambala – The blessing of deity of wealth – Cultivate the Wealth of MIND WISDOM !”

  1. Tina Says:

    I’m so grateful to your very generous and efficient Dharma sharing which is so important and so rapid makes me feel like i was attending there as well for the precious teaching from a great master ! I pray that generous heart grows and cultivates in all sentient beings’ mindstream ! Thank you !

  2. Jancy Lew Says:

    Thank you for your kind words for H.E. The 10th Sangye Rinpoche. I am really glad to have found this article and I am very happy that you have managed to attend the puja / teaching when it was conducted here at our place. It is really a wonderful experience and Thank You So Much for sharing this with many others! This is really an excellent article! Thank you again. May you be blessed always by Lord Buddha!
    Warmest regards always

    • trinleychodron Says:

      Thanks so much for the kind feedback and your kindness to host H.E. The 10th Sangye Rinpoche’s teaching sessions.

      It is my good fortune able to receive this teaching and blessing from him. Instantly i was able to absorb his teaching deeply and memorised the meanings clearly. I think no doubt he is really a very high realised master who have attained the both deep compassionate and wisdom. Thanks to all of you who had given me the chance attending his preciuos teachings!

  3. Ben Lim Says:

    You have very interesting articles. I have bookmark it so that I can come back to at times in the future. Buddha teaches not to compare or judge others. All existence are karmma related.

    • trinleychodron Says:

      Many thanks for your kind comment.

      Am very happy to always receive any comments in order to improve this writting. and please correct me if anything that has written was no accurate.

      the teachings of dharma is very preciuos for me, especially how its can always guide us to be always be a human with conscience and not allowing us to be swollen by poisons of mind. Dharma not only heal us. yet also most crucial can erase our possiblity of making more new karmic results/actions. Hence, raising the truth is crucial for realisation the fake one, this is to prevent us from creating bad deeds and karma.

      Do send me any article if you are also writting 🙂 it is space for dharmic voices to speak 🙂

  4. Ben Lim Says:

    The Buddha said to his disciples that dharma is just a raft to cross over to the other side of the river. Once you have crossed the river, the raft is no longer needed. You should no longer attached to the raft.

  5. May Tan Says:

    I am most fortunate to come across your article . Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche is a great Guru. His teaching is most precious and we are so blessed to have him in our centre , Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre, Ipoh, for a few days during Wesak Day last year.

    • trinleychodron Says:

      Yes, the HE Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche is indeed a great Guru. I like to listen his dharma teachings which is not convientional and fill with wisdom thoughts- that can relate the dharma to the reality of the world, society and also the current stage of mind of the sentients beings! 🙂
      Again thanks for reading the write up 🙂

      Trinley Chodron

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