Pure Heart

May our mind always remain clear and clean
May our heart always remains in the compassionate stage
No matter what had changed surround us
Let our mind and heart not being polluted/poison
Like the lotus

Always remain pure and clean

Even growing in the muddy water
May our body , speech and mind
Always not deviance from the Buddha teachings/path
Especially the humanity crisis is deepening all over the world now…..Crisis of war, political suppression, violence, poverty, natural disasters…….
When we all able to be back to our clean and clear inner mind and heart,
The crisis of humanity can be overcome
When our heart can truly feels for others
The same others can also feel for us…….. 


10 April 2009
Kuala Lumpur
 After many years , I come to realization of remaining pure and clean in our own mind and heart is fundamentally most crucial one, rather than trying to clean the polluted “surrounding”.

 As we need to be transformed ourselves first before we can ensure any good system can be effectively implemented.

Especially those who are in power and position in our society. Their decisions can rule others fate and live hood.

So, the “powerful” one, lets your inner nature of compassionate be rediscovered after being swollen by greed and desires

I deeply pray for your inner self conscious./ mind awakening……








One Response to “Pure Heart”

  1. Ben Lim Says:

    Understanding the purification of the mind is the answer to the cessation of all sufferings. Mediatation is the path to the fruitation of insights and wisdom. Prayers and rituals are not the Buddha teaches. Concentration of mindfulness in daily life is the teaching of Buddha.

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