who can heal us?

October 26, 2014

one day when i visited the Ayurveda clinic, an Indian lady patient next to me with very sad, sour and complaint voices told the staff: ” aiyo again these medicine ! i hate it, it is so bitter!!! i really hate it”
the medicine just like poison for her.

then i spoke to her : are you unwell?

she said: yes, i have the stomach digestion problem but came here for 3 years still not heal.

i told her again: are u Hindu?

she said: yes

i said: ” ok. when u take this medicine- you must be joyful and imagine this medicine like the nectar blessings from your god. they are giving you the blessing life nectar to heal you”

she stared at me for sometimes

then she said: ” are you a counselor? can i talk to you and have your phone?”

I didn’t response to her request but wish her well.

i saw her walked away and her heavy energy on her shoulder and body.

she must be having very disturbed mind that caused her body in such depressive state. her mind cannot accept to be healed even the herbs try to heal her body.

indeed it is hard for anyone especially for doctor when the patient is not really ready to be healed.the medicine cannot work when the mind is not wanting to be healed.

we are our own healer

October 26, 2014

when we are facing illness, we tend to battle with the so called disease which we regard as our “enemies”.

However, the underline habitual emotions, state of mind-patterns of thoughts and habitual life style are those subtle factors lead to the illness.

In the same times we battle to the sickness and also attach firmly to those habitual emotions, lifestyle, thoughts that lead to the imbalance of our body, mind and spirits that lead to emerging of the body illness as the result.

In the process of getting healed- the aryur doctor told me the first sentence:
“You are your own real healer. Only you heal yourself. The herbs, treatment or doctor is only the guide of your search of recovering”

law of impermanence

October 19, 2014

According to the basics law of impermanence,whether death will occur in order of seniority or in the reverse order is unpredictable.All things must pass,Nothing stays forever.few believe this, even if someone teach and exhorts them. So the stream of birth and deaths continue everlastingly.

-Buddha- The three pure land sutras

May all be blessed with love, joy and well being in life.

October 1, 2014

May all be blessed with love, joy and well being in life.
Deepest gratitude to my late parent who brought me in this human life. Our guru who guide us realising the essence of life

Today , 1 Oct is very tough day for many people on this earth struggling for light of hope. Especially many those who are in jailed in China, Tibet .Those who defend their sovereignty in Hong Kong. Share the same aspirations with all of you.
May all sentient being free from sufferings and gain the roots of happiness
May those have not awaken, be swiftly awaken





Recall the turning of dharma wheels

July 31, 2014

when we realise that the cause and conditions has no true essences.
so, its has no power on us,
and thus lead us to liberate from the circle of hope, fear ,attachment and sufferings



sucess life

July 19, 2014

sucess life is full of love

what is love?
there are three types of love
1.love base on attraction – it will decrease when the attractions gone
2. love base on needs- when needs is decreased, love will be faded
3.love by care-if love is really base on care- it will be evergreen,like rock and diamond and unshakeable
In buddha dharma, the training of Bodhisattva of love and compassion, there is no any reasons for being compassion-no any kind of expectation. none reference points compassion
- Chokyi nyima rinpoche


July 16, 2014

Enlightenment is the state of mind: when our mind is free from prison – the delusion of our mind: Chokyi nyima Rinpoch

Distraction is the demon

July 16, 2014

distraction is the demonic obstacle for spiritual practitioners . our real enemy is our inner mind poisons<selfishness, proud, jealousy, greedy,attachments>. those are our enemies for spiritual practitioners. we need to overcome them, or else we are the failure.
the distraction is the demonic influence. -Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Happiness is a choice

July 11, 2014

happy mind is a choice of life. happiness comes not because the external environment have given us. but we choose it
we choose to be happy in any conditions of life.



celebrating life

July 4, 2014




thanks to our parent give birth to us in a family that not full of comfort. So, we learn how to survive in any conditions in life along this path.

So we are able to turn the rocky path be the training ground for our growth with determination, positive and persistence.

Eventually, the rocky journeys becomes the most valuable learning and capitals in life. We turn it into the bed of roses and celebrate life with hope, faith,love and determination.


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